Prom Date Mixtape



Patrick Napper - Co-Founder/Vocalist/Programmer

Patrick Napper has been singing and performing in bands since high school and as a multi-instrumentalist and composer his work has been heard by millions all across the globe. His formative years were shaped by the sounds of jazz and early British Invasion bands. 80’s Hits and early 90’s Pop and Alternative Music influenced his teens and twenties. As a trumpet player Patrick has traveled all across Europe performing. As a singer/song-writer and guitarist for various bands he has performed across the country from New York to Los Angeles. Bonded by their mutual love for 80's New Wave, Punk and Synth-Pop music, Patrick was inspired to form an 80’s tribute band with long-time friend and bandmate Daniel Harper, to celebrate the music they love. Patrick’s ability to emulate the voices of many different vocalists has been key to the band's success and has garnered him the attention and devotion of many fans. His passion and conviction shine through in everything he does.

Daniel Harper - Co-Founder/Guitarist/Media Manager

Daniel Scott Harper grew up in the fertile musical landscape of Eastern Washington State during the 1970s and '80s. He began playing bass guitar in High School Jazz Band and in original bands that covered the current New Wave hits of the time.  Heavy exploration of '60s Psychedelia, Garage, '70s Classic Rock, Punk, Post-punk and New Wave commenced. Upon moving to Seattle in the late '80s, more study in Jazz and audio engineering continued in college. Daniel went on to perform and record in many original bands as a bassist and/or guitarist throughout the Pacific NW and Canada. For the last 11 years, he has been a lead guitarist in prominent 80s tribute bands in Seattle and is admired for his ability to emulate a wide range of styles that are crucial to the sound of the genre. Daniel's honesty, love and excitement for the music he grew up with, fuels each performance and is shared openly with every single fan.